The Star Strikers
The Star Strikers is a Starcraft II custom map created by Chirus Highwind. It consists of two teams of up to five players each competing against one another in order to score as many goals as possible by kicking a soccer ball into their opponent's net within the given time limit. Each player selects one unit (amidst a selection of twenty-one possible units) to control and must utilize its abilities, combining them with adequate teamwork in order to outscore their opponent. The team with the most goals when the time runs out wins.

Gameplay consists of two periods (or "halves") set to a predetermined clock that is decided upon by the players themselves. Players then choose units before the game begins and must rush to the center of the play area in order to be the first team to obtain possession of the ball. Play continues until the ball either goes out of bounds (in which case a throw-in must be made by the opposing team) or one team successfully scores on the other team, resulting in a change of possession after the point for the goal is awarded.

At half-time, the teams switch sides. The team with the lowest number of goals will start with possession of the ball unless the opposing team had ball-in-hand when the whistle blew at the end of the first half. If both teams were tied at half-time and neither team had the ball-in-hand, the possession is randomized. Teams continue to play the second half of the game until the time runs out, at which point the team with the higher score wins.

If both teams are still tied after two halves the game goes into Overtime (OT). Overtime play consists of 2-minute "rounds," identical to the longer halves, but with a shorter time limit. If Overtime ends and the scores are still tied, the teams will have to continue to play in OT until one team becomes the victor.

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